Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine
"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I suppose we must twiddle our fingers in the meantime.

Watching Ed Milliband, yesterday, trying to relaunch the Labour Party and seeing Cameron trying to relaunch his Party's NHS reforms it is difficult not to wonder how long it will take the main parties to realize that the Nation's problem are far too deep, to be solved by fiddling with the superficial.

Will either leader realize, before the next General Election, that fundamental changes are needed if we are to return to some kind of settled existence? Perhaps so, but their backers will not allow them to make the necessary changes - a new party will be needed to take decisive action so that these political lightweights and a whole raft of self-serving politicians can be removed from public office.

Will the leaders or, perhaps it is the followers, of the smaller parties, those that could make these necessary fundamental changes, rally around to create a single cohesive unit? One that is desperately needed and one that could rise rapidly because of the failure of the established parties to change the Nation's fortunes. A failure that will become all too clear by the time we next elect a new government.

Clearly, we must get out of the EU if our fortunes are to change. Not only are the majority of new jobs that are created taken by economic migrants - denying employment to our young, but we are an over-crowded nation whose public services are creaking under the strain of absorbing so many whose cultures are different to ours. It is reckoned that their are 4 million too few homes - which is, obviously, aggravated by this influx - only by leaving the EU can we start to control the numbers who live here.

Having left the EU, we must establish import controls - or at least make it quite clear to the people, that buying products and services from overseas suppliers, those that we can produce or provide ourselves, is putting our nationals out of work and preventing their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, from getting a job. Import controls would be better, because we can then gradually return to trading with nations - notably the Commonwealth countries - whose economic strengths are different to ours - unlike those of the leading EU nations.

Once free of EU regulation, we must positively discriminate in favour of the employment of nationals, so it is, mainly, immigrants who are the unemployed. Although there are those who would suffer, if they returned to their land of birth and do require asylum, the vast majority who come here do so to improve their economic prospects and are only likely to return if these prospects become worse, here, than they face at home.

We must create separate government institutions for the English - with at least equivalent powers to those of Scotland - so that the English are not disadvantaged by the devolution that Blair and Brown introduced. How can a nation be at peace with itself if the people of its largest part are provided with less and worse services than those of the smaller parts?

Finally, we must remove ourselves from the European Convention on Human Rights so that we can remove illegal economic migrants to their land of birth. These rights were intended to protect sections of a nations population, who had lived there for generations - not those who had arrived relatively recently, primarily to improve their standard of living.

Please note - this article is not intended to inflame hatred towards those who have moved here to improve their lot. It is understandable that talented individuals choose to emigrate to improve their life chances. However, we do not have room here for the influx we have experienced and we need to consider our own nationals before those from elsewhere. Also, because it is the most talented who have emigrated, they should be reminded that they have a duty to their nation of birth to stay and help raise the standards in their own country - for without them, this is made far harder.

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