Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine
"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We Need a Heavy Cull of UK Politicians!

As the dust settles on last week's EU event, the underlying causes for the actions of the leading players in the drama becomes clear. Easiest to understand, from our ambitious politician's point of view, is the change in support for the parties since 'The Happening'.

Until last week, and for many months, Labour had been showing a lead in the polls sometimes with a predicted 60 seat majority. This lead has now evaporated and a hung Parliament is predicted with Labour two seats short of a majority.

Simon Jenkins in the Guardian describes Nick Clegg's dilemma in graphic terms: 'Nick Clegg's finger cannot have hovered long over his suicide belt at the weekend. He could have blasted the coalition to smithereens and forced a general election. But that would have blown David Cameron back to power and left the Liberal Democrats in a pool of blood on the pavement.'

David Cameron's hands were also tied, he could not afford to sign up to the proposed treaty changes as he knew that this would lead to a referendum, as this course has now been enshrined in law, whenever it is proposed that further powers are passed to Brussels.

There is a clear majority against our membership of the EU and any suggestion that more powers should be transferred to Brussels would be greeted with a firm 'No' from the electorate. In itself this would not have been a disaster for Cameron, but, he knew once the door had been opened to referenda, he would have great difficulty in preventing the, once promised, referendum on our membership.

Cameron does want to be in the EU, his and Osborne's economic strategy is based on encouraging global corporations to base their European operation's in the UK, this of course would not be possible if we do not have access to the single market and their economic strategy would be in ruins. However, he does want to reduce the extent to which we are 'run by the EU' and would like to have some powers returned.

Ed Milliband, as an enthusiastic EU supporter, also had a difficult hand to play. Knowing that the majority are against our membership, he was treading on dangerous ground because he was opening himself up to the question 'what would you have done in the same circumstance - signed up to the German proposals? Since this was the only real alternative, his condemnation of the Prime Minister's actions put him the wrong side of public opinion and explains the Party's reversal of fortunes in the polls.

So, we might have expected that a new path had been determined, with Cameron siding with his, mostly eurosceptic, MPs and pressing for a new deal with the EU which included the repatriation of, at least, some powers - but no, instead we find, if the usually reliable Benedict Brogan is right, suggesting in the Telegraph that Sarkozy's hard line with Cameron was primarily 'a political stunt engineered by Mr Sarkozy to save himself from defeat in the French elections next year'! Also that Cameron's new priority is to sooth the rankled feelings of his Lib/Dem coalition partners by rebuilding relationships within the EU, so that he can concentrate on his main priority of saving the UK economy.

Brogan also predicts that ratification of the German plan 'looks doubtful for at least half a dozen EU member states' as 'Countries that initially backed [the plan] are beginning to have second thoughts. The idea of a German - enforced austerity has made even resolute Europeans nervous'.

So, instead of a clear direction we are, once again, left with the euro teetering on the brink of collapse and the predicted looming global financial crisis with its unnamed, but horrific consequences. Nick Clegg's political career looks over, because of his 'Cameron's poodle' image and Chris Huhne seems to booked his place as Clegg's successor, because of his, well leaked, defiance to Cameron at yesterday's cabinet meeting.

Am I alone in thinking that national politicians should make every effort to sit down together and hammer out an agreed policy at this time of national emergency and not use it for personal or party political gain? Also, that they should remember that they are the representatives of the electorate and their views should be at the heart of their decisions taken.

Based on Monday's Prime Ministers questions in the Commons, we must believe that amongst those juveniles performing, there were those who would have signed up to Merkel's plans to subjugate the nation to German dominance, effectively remove all democratic rights from the people and ensure the nation's rapid economic decline.

What dreadful sin have the British committed to be cursed with such wretches for politicians in such predominance?

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