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Thomas Paine
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Bilderberg 2014

Bilderberg 2014: George Osborne and the man at the centre of everything

Charlie Skelton, from the Guardian, is once again covering this year's Bilderberg Meeting - here he highlights how George Osborne seems to be not only totally immersed in Biderberg activities, but apparently also being instructed in the way he should do his job as Chancellor – it begins:

“On the sun-drenched patio of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen sat the chancellor of the exchequer. He sat quietly and listened carefully as a distinguished older gentleman gave him what appeared to be an intense and barely-interrupted 25 minute briefing. George Osborne sat and listened, while we stood and watched.

The body language was fascinating. George was tense, leaning in, petitioning. The man opposite was physically relaxed but full of gestures and explanations. George was there to listen hard and get up to speed. Apart from a two-minute speech at the end, he opened his lips barely a dozen times, and half of those were simply to have a sip of his fruit punch.”

It really is difficult to believe that these high fliers choose to take three days from their busy schedules just for a chat.

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