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Thomas Paine
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Monday, 14 January 2013

Where is Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry report?

Channel 4 News asks why the Chilcot inquiry has not delivered its report so long after it was set up. Governments are simply too able to control the progress of such inquires if they do not wish for truth to be available to the electorate.

Another clear need for some form of Direct Democracy which gives the people the power to know what its government is up to – when they want to know. However, this case does make a mockery of any pretended advantage of Coalition government.

The Liberal Democrats voted against the Iraq war – if coalitions were of any value – they would have refused to support any of the Tory’s policies until the report was published – or at least given a deadline.

From C4 News:

“Where is the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, four and a half years after it was established and two months short of the tenth anniversary of the invasion?

A million words in, the inquiry team has been withered by illness and exhaustion, not a little of which has been caused by the intransigence of the political machine to regurgitate the papers of the time.

The resistance to its completion and publication are reportedly the political classes who supported and led the war effort – the very people most likely to be targeted by the inquiry findings. The fear is that the delays will become so protracted that the next election (2015) will be permitted to become yet another delaying force.”

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