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Thomas Paine
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Leaked TTIP documents cast doubt on EU-US trade deal

Further evidence that the TTIP deal ia being manipulated behind the scenes to reduce environmental and public health protection has come to light as a result of leaked document.

The Guardian reports that the documents, leaked to Greenpeace, show a distinct preparedness by the negotiators to allow EU standards to be lowered in order to find agreement. The director of Greenpeace EU, Jorgo Riss, said:

“These leaked documents give us an unparalleled look at the scope of US demands to lower or circumvent EU protections for environment and public health as part of TTIP. The EU position is very bad, and the US position is terrible. The prospect of a TTIP compromising within that range is an awful one. The way is being cleared for a race to the bottom in environmental, consumer protection and public health standards.”

The involvement of corporate representatives is also exposed with matters relating to pesticides residues and food safety to be handed over to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Codex Alimentarius system through which corporate representatives are allowed to be included and sometimes lead national delegations.

Although the documents deal with a range of issues - it is further evidence [if needed] that the deal is being tailored to suit the, mainly US, global corporations at the expense of the citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. Although in the UK the parties opposing the Tories - who have demonstrated that their policies are intended to benefit the interests of the global corporations - have claimed that their opposition to Brexit is based on ensuring that social and environmental standards are defended against continuing Tory administrations - this leaked document demonstrates that this may be a hollow claim.

Although it looked as if the EU negotiators would be in the position to complete a deal to be put to the EU parliament by majority vote - it now seems that every national parliament will be required to ratify the deal because of the controversies. 

Since the attitude of the Commission has once again been exposed by this document - how can these parties continue with these claims when they must be fully aware that if we remain in the EU there is every likelihood that a deal along the lines of that demonstrated by the leaked document will be approved - because the majority of national administrations, within the EU, are of the right. At least, out of the EU, we would have a chance of reforming any measures put in place by a Tory government after the next election. We know from Cameron's failure to negotiate any real return of sovereignty with the EU that once measures are put in place within the EU - it is virtually impossible to amend them in any meaningful way.

The full Guardian article can be found here.

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