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Thomas Paine
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Geologists search for Anthropocene 'golden spike'

From the BBC - the notion that we have entered a new geological age is real and should be formally recognised, according to an international report.

"The verdict comes from a panel set up to judge the merits of adding an Anthropocene ("Age of Humans") time segment to the history of the Earth.

The group delivered its preliminary evidence and recommendations on Monday.

It now needs to identify a suitable marker in the environment that epitomises the start of the new phase.

Colin Waters from the British Geological Survey is secretary to the Anthropocene Work Group (AWG). He presented the progress report to the 35th International Geological Congress in South Africa.

"This is an update on where we are in our discussions," he told BBC News.

"We've got to a point where we've listed what we think the Anthropocene means to us as a working group.

"The majority of us think it is real; that there is clearly something happening; that there are clearly signals in the environment that are recognisable and make the Anthropocene a distinct unit; and the majority of us think it would be justified to formally recognise it."

The full article can be read here.

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