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Thomas Paine
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Friday, 5 August 2016

Is Renewable Energy being sacrificed in favour of Nuclear Power?

This is the body of an email that has been sent to Green Party members and subscribers by Molly Scott Cato - the Green MEP for the South West of England. If true, Theresa May is going to have to show that she can be as tough as she claims if this hugely important industry is to be pulled from the fire:

"Last week, the Prime Minister unexpectedly announced a last-minute review of plans for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

This delay is a huge opportunity to stop Hinkley for good - and make a giant leap towards a renewable energy system fit for the 21st century: clean, safe, and affordable.

Hinkley nuclear power station would be the most expensive object ever built. Rather than ploughing billions into this outdated scheme, the Government should be redoubling efforts to build up Britain’s decentralised, renewable infrastructure.

Renewable energy isn't just cleaner, safer, quicker to build, and more popular - it’s cheaper too. Research has shown that solar power would be a less costly way of generating the equivalent amount of power. Even offshore wind is now a better deal for billpayers than Hinkley. Tidal lagoons and geothermal power offer significant untapped potential too.

Any objective assessment of the facts will make clear the absurdity of building this colossal white elephant. But nuclear industry lobbyists have close ties with Government. To persuade the Prime Minister to reject Hinkley for good, we need people power - if you can help, by emailing your MP, that would make a real difference.

A final decision is expected in autumn, so we’ve not got much time. Please contact your MP, using, as soon as you can, to let them know your views.

The Prime Minister is going to take this decision, so please ask your MP to write to Theresa May directly, urging her to cancel Hinkley for good - and invest in clean, affordable, home-grown renewable energy generation instead.

As the Green MEP for the South West of England, Hinkley is in my constituency, and I have been calling for the abandonment of the Hinkley white elephant for several years. If you need more information, please visit my website. I’ve also produced a report, which shows how the South West can produce 100% of its energy needs from renewables - and have some left over to export.

Wherever you live, please ask your MP to take action on your behalf to stop the outdated and expensive Hinkely C nuclear power plant. | @MollyMEP"

These are very serious accusations - which are supported by this and developments elsewhere. Unfortunately, it does seem that the critically important program to make the UK reliant entirely on renewable energy is being dominated and undermined by commercial interests.

This program needs to be put into the hands of individuals whose primary concern is to reduce the impact of Abrupt Climate Change by bringing renewable energy projects online as quickly as possible - not by commercial considerations. 

This program is of the utmost importance. It seems that energy production might need to be renationalised and given wide sweeping powers to develop these industries with minimum compensation to those whose land is used for this purpose. Renationalisation  had previously been supported by more than two thirds in a survey carried out in 2013 - because of the mistrust of the big energy companies.

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