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Thomas Paine
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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How global warming is leading people to re-use their clothes

From the Independent - Cheap Monday has created an entire collection intended to make clear the importance of re-using old and unwanted clothing, and being sustainable

"Climate change is likely to change every part of our lives. And that isn’t just the expected things – the changes happening in our environment are going to lead us to change everything, down to the very clothes we wear.

The extreme weather likely to result from the warming of the environment is likely to bring its own clothing challenges and concerns. But others are changing their clothes to try and limit the effects of that warming, too.

That sustainable movement in clothing has most recently been highlighted by Cheap Monday, which has launched a collection called “C/O Cheap Monday”. In doing so it is aiming to highlight the challenge of sustainable clothing – and the sheer amount of clothes that are thrown away.

The company is doing so by taking old and unneeded clothes and re-fashioning them into new clothes that can be sold over again. The collection is similar to Cheap Monday’s usual look – mostly modern denim – but all of it comes through re-used textiles, made up of jeans as well as bomber jackets and tees.

Sustainable clothing might once have conjured to mind hemp shirts and sandals. But a range of other companies are working to try and make it the bare minimum for selling clothes, not a particular fashion choice or style."

The full article can be read here

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