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Thomas Paine
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Kansas chemical plant spill: Accident causes ‘noxious cloud’ and evacuations

From the Independent - the factory and a nearby school was evacuated, 34 people were treated at Aitchison Hospital

"A chemical plant spill caused a “noxious cloud” to form over northeastern Kansas, forcing the evacuation of the factory and a school.

At least 34 people were treated at Atchison Hospital for respiratory discomfort on Friday, authorities said.

Smoke was reported from the MGP Ingredients plant in Atchison, posing a breathing threat, according to Atchison County emergency manager Wes Lanter.

Two chemicals were inadvertently mixed within the sewage facility at the plant, creating a gaseous plume, said city manager Trey Cocking.

The St Joseph News Pressreported that one school was evacuated and several classes kept students and staff indoors as a thick fog spread over the town, which smelt like chlorine.

"This was a large plume that enveloped a large area. We’re very fortunate this time that there were not more injuries," Atchison fire chief Ted Graf said."

The full article can be read here.

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